Financial Support

The 4-Year NROTC scholarship covers the full cost of tuition at Illinois Institute of Technology or University of Illinois at Chicago while also paying a monthly stepind for personal expenses. Illinois Institute of Technology also covers room and board fees.

Career Options

The greatest benefit of being part of NROTC at Illinois Institute of Technology is the opportunity to be commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy or Marine Corps. The naval career you choose will take you to different home ports, training locations, and commands all over the world. You will be part of the greatest Naval fighting force in the world.


Student Life

Our officer candidates, known as midshipmen, are full-time students at Illinois Institute of Technology or University of Illinois at Chicago. They enjoy all the benefits and responsibilities of being college students but with the added advantage of belonging to our organization. Many midshipmen hold leadership positions in on-campus activities like Greek Life, sports, and clubs. The unit also frequently participates in community activities both on campus and around Chicago.



Just a minutes from downtown Chicago, our midshipmen enjoy the advantages of going to school in an exciting community. Check out the official city website for Chicago to view upcoming events.


How to Join

The application process is straightforward but lengthy. High school students can start as early as April of their Junior year and must be done by January of their senior year. Please click here for more information. You can find more useful links here.


Types of Scholarships

The NROTC Scholarsip program awards two, three, and four year schlarships for both Navy and Marine option midshipmen through competitive national selection. Scholarships include full tuition, books, fees, and other financial benefits. Additionally, IIT pays room and board fees for ROTC students. Did you know you can still attend most unit functions without a scholarship? You can read more about scholarships on the official NROTC website.


The NROTC Unit at IIT is looking for bright, sharp, physically fit, and well-rounded individuals. To see a more detailed description of requirements, please visit the official NROTC website requirements page.

Naval Careers

Midshipmen who graduate the NROTC program are commissioned as Unrestricted Line Officers. Unrestricted Line Officers are qualified to command at sea, like being the commanding officer of a warship. Career options include Surface Warfare, Submarine, Aviation, Special Operations, or Special Warfare.

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