ARTS is a fully automated biomarker that outputs a score linked to the likelihood a person suffers from arteriolosclerosis based on brain MRI data (3D T1w, T2w FLAIR, DTI data) and basic demographic information (age at MRI, sex). The higher the ARTS score, the higher the likelihood of arteriolosclerosis. A robust MRI data processing pipeline and the classifier are packaged into a software container; therefore, users do not need to perform any image processing, and are only required to install Singularity to run ARTS.

If you would like to download ARTS, please make sure you first read the legal agreement.


The ARTS biomarker is made available to researchers, scientists and others at colleges, universities, not-for-profit foundations and other similar institutions free of charge, subject to proper attribution and an agreement to share alike, for use for non-commercial purposes. If you are such an individual, please click on the link entitled "Non-commercial Use". The developers will consider granting a license to individuals and entities that wish to use the ARTS biomarker for commercial purposes. Such requests should be made by clicking the link entitled "Commercial Use".

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